Wednesday, April 21, 2010


photo 1
Hand made cards by our own widdle hands. We made these and many more using only stuff we sell and a little glue. Tons of DIY material resources at your finger tips.
cards$5 each

photo 2
Mother flashcard c. 1950, $1.99
Apron flashcard c. 1950, $1.99
photo 3
Giant "Mother" flashcard
from an elementary school

c. 1967
18" x 24"
Captions say:
Here is Mother.
She likes the sun.
She can paint in the sun.
That is fun for Mother. LOL
photo 4
Close up of our giraffe
Mom card

It's cute as a bug's ass.
Made from 50's flashcard
Anagrams from a word
game same period and our stationary.


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