Friday, February 12, 2010

Key To My Heart

Need a last minute Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie? Allow us to suggest Art School Girl's 'Key To My Heart' kits available at Foursided and Twosided. Cut from vintage book covers, each of these unique keys comes ready to give with a tiny envelope and sweet heart sticker. Good things come in small packages, and for $7.50 you can say a lot without spending a fortune. We give these thoughtful notes our sweet & sentimental seal of approval!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keyed Up

Keys these days are far from artful, which is why your friends at Foursided pine for delicate skeleton keys and decorative keyholes from yesteryear. Today's deadbolts just aren't doing it for us, which is why we love these modern key wares with a nod to the past. The wooden laser cut skeleton keys, $2.99 each, are made from images of antique keys but are a dead ringer for the real thing. If a artful element is more up your alley, you will enjoy these wall panels inspired by antique keyholes for $18 each. Unlock these goodies and more at our Andersonville location!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cardboard Safari

Find taxidermy creepy, but love a good ol' animal bust? If you have trepidations about handling a gun, no worries, the only hazard of bringing these animals into your home is the potential for a paper cut. Available in white, and natural, styles, Twosided and Foursided both have a large selection of fun goods by Cardboard Safari, in a multitude of sizes. Ranging from $14 to $54, snag an animal to fit your budget, and your wall space - without having to spend a night roughing it in the wilderness.