Friday, November 13, 2009


Bleep Blop Blerb!
That's robot speak for check out our new awesome art!
We are so happy to have Lisa Grothman Ryan's amazing robots gracing our walls at Foursided Andersonville. Archival giclee prints are available in mutiple styles and sizes to suit all walls and budgets.
Bloop Blip Blub
Translation: If you need these bad boys framed, we have a few ideas about that too!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jetsetter Swag

Compasses by Kurt S. Adler, $15.25-18.25.

Paperweights, $10.

Fancy a getaway, but all out of vacation days? Surround yourself with some jetsetter swag and have a staycation! We love these vintage inspired compasses by Kurt S. Adler, and we couldn't resist whipping up some Parisian map paper weights to make that mound of office work seem more fun. Get your wanderlust fix with some retail therapy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New & Old

Watercolor tin, $46.

Wooden tool & dye parts, sold as a set, $75.

Psychic testing cards, $49 for the set.

Here's what is new in old stuff this week:
Get your art on with an Alice in Wonderland watercolor tin. Not artistic? Just admire it's retro coolness at your own tea party. Looking for cool graphic elements to add some punch to your walls? A set of wooden tool and dye parts could be just the answer! Wondering what the tomorrow has in store for you? Hone your skills with a set of psychic testing cards from the 1940's. We see a trip to Foursided in your future...