Friday, October 23, 2009

Spookiness Abounds

The air is crisp and autumn is here! We are enjoying the harvest season and getting ready for the spookiest of all holidays: Halloween! If you didn't think dolls were spooky, think again! We have tons of fun cards to give to your fall-loving friends, and creepy do-dads for decorating your home for the season. We hope you stop by and say "BOO!" sometime soon.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Favorite Things

Loyal blog readers, there is nothing we love more than seeing the amazing stuff you create from the things you find at our stores. We are here to inspire you to create stuff that is fun and memorable. Whether you create a memory by giving a fun card, or tangible art that you make with your own hands, we are elated to hear the story and happy to be a catalyst for creativity.

Card maker extraordinaire Amber, from a. Favorite Design, emailed us these great projects that showcase a bunch of our fun ephemera, and we were so impressed we just had to share!

Top to Bottom:
  • Number collage assembled from old flashcards, game pieces, house numbers, and other loveliness containing the number 3.
  • Anniversary card made from a flashcard, number piece, and folk clothespins. Traditionally wood is given for the 5th anniversary.
  • Looking into the magical jar.
  • Magical jar containing flashcards, scrabble tiles, dominoes, anagram tiles, and tons and tons of other fun stuff!
  • Valentine assembled in a frame from letters, cards, a domino, a Monopoly card, doilies, and assorted special do-dads.
Thanks Amber! All we can say is wow!

As for the rest of you, keep the great ideas coming - and if you would like us to showcase something you've made on our blog please do not hesitate to contact us!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Just In

We love love LOVE these adorable bird tiles we just received!
Designed, glazed, and fired by a UK craftsman for Sweet Bella, they are all one of a kind and even more lovely seen in person. Tiles start at $65 and are available in three charming sizes. All have hooks for hanging and will make a unique addition to any art collection!

P is for Puzzle

Stencil flashcards, $2.99 each.

Alphabet Puzzle Cards, $4 each.

We love pieces from old children's games and puzzles - but that shouldn't come as a surprise! Enjoy the word stencil cards jazzing up our wall (remember these from your old Fisher-Price chalkboard?), and take a peek at the new alphabet puzzle greeting cards the next time you are visiting our Andersonville location. In the meantime, dig out some of your old childhood puzzles and repurpose them into something fun! We would love to see the results!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New & Old

Stencil Set, $37.

1939 Italian Atlas Pages, $25-55 each.

Take a look at the new old things we have recently acquired at our Andersonville location- this one is for all the graphic design nerds and cartophiles out there! Designers, need a break from the mundane world of Quark and Illustrator? Try it old school style with this stencil set! Know someone who needs their own Roman holiday? Frame up a cool map of Italy circa 1939 - Viva Italia!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wait 'Til Next Year...

Baseballs and Softballs, $5-9 each.

Scrabble Letter Cubes, $1.25 each.

Reverse the Curse Vintage Goat Flashcards, $.90 - $4.99 each.

Comiskey Card by Nu-Vue Studio, $4.

Vintage Bat Flashcards, $2 each.

Wilson Wrigley Field Art, $28.

Another October is upon us, and Chicago baseball has left us empty handed. With no teams enjoying the postseason this year allow us to suggest some fun items to bide your time until April 2010. Whether you root for the Cubs or the White Sox, we are sure you will agree these gifts are fun for all!