Friday, September 4, 2009

Feeling Indecisive?

There is a lot to look at at Foursided and Twosided.

We work here and every once in a while even we find cool gems that were hiding from us!

In case you didn't already know, we offer gift certificates, redeemable at all locations, and perfect for those days you feel overwhelmed looking for just the right gift - especially perfect when you live out of town but want us to drop one in the mail for your favorite Chicagoan (no kidding, we will do that - just give us a call)!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flash Card Diet

Watching your waistline? Have we got the diet for you! Why not just gaze at a picture of bacon instead of eating it?! With these retro food flash cards you can do just that! Okay, we know it might not be the best diet ever invented, but these cards are still super fun. Food of all cuisines (even healthy ones!), in assorted shapes and sizes are available at the Andersonville store.

Food Flash Cards $.50-$1.75 each

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One-of-a-kind Cards: How To

We just got hold of an old picture word puzzle and we decided to whip up some cute one-of-a-kind cards. Here is a DIY guide for how to repurpose a similar puzzle, but don't be afraid to get creative and apply these techniques to another retro object!

Before you begin you will need to grab some glue, a cutting tool, a ruler, and have a cutting surface to work on. Also find some blank card stock or paper to make your card.

We want to use the puzzle piece and the surrounding area with the idea of the piece still being removable from the finished card. Using our ruler as a guide, we started by cutting a vertical strip off of the puzzle.

If you have access to a T-square it might come in handy for this next step which involves cutting out the actual object to be affixed to our card. We want the image and its corresponding word so we cut horizontally just below the text and just above the circle where the piece "pops" out of the puzzle. Repeat these first two steps until you have as many pieces as you have cards.

After we are done cutting we are ready to glue! Since we want the puzzle piece to actually be removable later make sure to apply glue ONLY to the area outside the circular piece. Glue it up and stick it to your card. Easy Peasy!

Let your cards dry, admire your work, and start brainstorming about your next crafty project!

Puzzle Cards $4.00 each

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just In Case

Pack 'em or stack 'em; any way you slice it these vintage suitcases are fun for travel or decoration. These styles and many more shapes and sizes can be found at all of our locations. Cases from top to bottom: $38, $39, $49, $10

Monday, August 31, 2009

Framing from Beginning to End

You have ideas. You want something framed. You want it to look cool, but you don't really know where to begin. Does this sound familiar?

We hear this a lot, and that's why us nice folks at Foursided are hear to help. We have ideas too, and can guide you through the framing process to help you create something even better than you imagined! For those of you worrying about the overwhelming selection of framing options and wondering where to begin, let us show you what goes on when someone walks through our doors and wants something framed - we promise it's not so scary. In fact, it's quite fun!

Here is a pile of stuff brought to us by a client who wants to make a fun unique wedding gift using names and dates. Flash cards, scrabble tiles, anagram playing cards and more are spread out and we start playing around to find something that looks nice.

The client decides to work with a smaller scale so we narrow down our materials to the smallest flash cards and scrabble tiles. After trying a few options, we agree on the placement of the objects.

Now that we know what we are working with we can narrow down our color options. We pick out 3 or 4 mats that work with the color pallete and decide on the one we like best.

Next come the frames. We pull a few samples based on what the client has in mind: a slimmer style made from wood with a darker stain. Even though we have hundreds of frames, it is easy to narrow down our choices for each individual project based on style, price, size, color, and material. No need to feel overwhelmed!

The brainstorming continues and we decide maybe we don't want a mat around this after all... what if we mounted these directly to the background? Cool! It is starting to look the way the client imagined!

Let's see how this is all going to look together... we agree this is a winner! The client decides they want to trim down the size of the flash cards for more balance. We suggest they round a corner to make them look even cuter. This collaboration is turning out well! 15 minutes from the time the client walked in the door we have narrowed down our options and have an order placed for a unique work of art ready to be framed.

Tah-dah! Around 10 days later we have our completed masterpiece ready for the client to give, and ready for the recipients to admire for years to come!