Thursday, June 18, 2009

Decorating: Are You Game?

While we are all for framing something special for your abode, we totally love the look of these vintage game board game boxes as wall art! They would be so fun in a kid's room, don't you think?

We couldn't let the cool packaging from our anagram tiles go to waste, and since a few of these gems were falling apart at the seams we knew their days as functional boxes were numbered.

Look in your game closet or at a local garage sale for boxes that need a little TLC, and think twice about chucking out that game board just because there are some missing pieces. By using everyday objects in a creative way you can turn a ho-hum wall into a fun and dynamic conversation piece for next to nothing!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crafty Customers

A few weeks back we held a contest to see what cool stuff you crafty kids are making out of the assorted ephemera in our stores.
The votes are in... drum roll please... the winners are as follows:

1st Prize Maribeth Mercer
mixed media art using flashcards and anagram tiles

2nd Prize Jenny Kasun
greeting cards using flashcards

3rd Prize Josie Pickett
scrapbook pages using anagram tiles and flashcards

We are pleased to show off the results and hopefully these ideas will inspire you in new and exciting ways. Please contact us if you want to see your project featured on an upcoming blog post!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green Thumb Greetings

A message on a bean? Who would think such a thing was possible!? We didn't really think it was possible either until our very own message bean sprouted! Open the can, add water, keep an eye out for your bean to sprout in a week or so (ours took 10 days), and enjoy!

For those times when a card seems a little sub-par, say I love you, thank you, good luck, or happy birthday with a bean!

Message Beans by SMP $18

Monday, June 15, 2009

Think Outside The Box

Brown paper packages tied up with string will always be an acceptable gift - after all it's what's inside that counts; however, we like to get a little craftier with our gift giving and we encourage you to do the same! We want you to think outside the box - literally! Stayed tuned for posts on wrapping, ribbon tying, and all things in between!
Wrapping Paper $4 per sheet