Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Framed: Photo Booths

You Have:
Several friends willing to get goofy.
A handful of singles.
One vintage photo booth (we prefer black & white, but to each their own).
Approximately 5 minutes to wait for your masterpiece to develop.

You Need:
A frame.

Love absolutely everything about photo booths except finding a frame to fit that pesky strip of pictures? We know how you feel. Allow Foursided in Lakeview to come to your rescue with our new photo booth frames. Our custom-cut mats are fitted within black frames, making the perfect home for your photographic souvenir - all for a reasonable $23. Check out our window display for examples, or bring in your shoebox full of photos, and let us frame up your treasures faster than you can smile and say "cheese."


  1. I also want to put some of my photo booth strips on a beautiful frame like this.