Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome To Our Blog!!!

Hello Friends! Look how fancy we've become!

Introducing Twosided AND Foursided's most recent induction
into the millennium: our blog! Our new blog will not only keep
you up to date with arrivals, trends and styles in the stores,
but reading our blog makes you an official VIP customer.

Foursided Andersonville 5061 N. Clark • 773.506.8300

Foursided Lakeview 2939 N Broadway • 773.248.1960

Twosided 2958 N. Clark • 773.248.6381

We Invite you to tell us what you think, tell us a joke,
call us if you like what you see, or share your creative ideas.
You can also go ahead and check for blog updates with hopes
of stumbling across pictures of the staff... they're pretty good looking after all. *wink*

Stay tuned for more posts and stop by and see us today!

1 comment:

  1. I found your Andersonville shop last summer and LOVE the style and merchandise. Glad to see you're now blogging - looking forward to getting ideas and seeing what's new. I refer my customers who visit chicago to FOURSIDED. I'll be coming through again soon.